About Pay Weekly Store

Welcome to Pay Weekly Store - Your Online Weekly/Monthly Payment Store. Our aim is to provide our customers with affordable, pay a little at a time products. We offer anything a range of over 1300 products including household appliances, furniture, mobile phones, laptops, PC's, tablets, children's furniture and accessories and much more . You can pay a little each week/month for something you need now and spread the cost of larger purchases to make it more affordable. Our service is particularly useful for customers on a budget. We offer flexible repayment terms and great interest rates on all of our products. We consider all customers, even if you have a bad credit file in the past. From our affordability checks and a credit check we are able to determine if our service is suitable for you. There is no cost to apply.

How to use Pay Weekly Store

Simply sign up for an account with us by clicking "apply now". After an affordability check and credit check we are able to determine if the Pay Weekly Store service is right for you. If your account is approved you will be able to choose your product and checkout. We take a deposit from your credit/debit card when you are ready to order and ask for bank details to set up a direct debit from your account. Once everything is completed your product/s is delivered to your address. You then pay the balance in affordable weekly/monthly payments. It's as simple as that! Not only are you able to build to spread the cost of larger upfront purchases you can also improve your credit file at the same time. Some of our customers who have had bad credit in the past have seen a significant improvement in their credit files by using our services.

Interest and Payment Terms

Here at Pay Weekly Store we give you the option of how much interest you pay, you will pay less interest the quicker you pay for the product. Our interest starts at 49.9% Representative APR for 52 weeks/12 months. If you choose to pay for the product over a longer period of time then the interest will be more, however the payments each week will be less. You can view the interest rates by clicking on the payment terms on the left hand side of each product over 52 weeks, 78 weeks, 104 weeks or 156 weeks and also monthly payments. We give our customers a choice in how long you actually want to pay for the product over, giving flexibility to suit your circumstances. Some customers prefer less interest, some prefer lower weekly/monthly payments. The choice is yours.