About Us

Welcome to Pay Week Store - Your Online Weekly Payment Store. Our aim is to provide our customers with affordable, pay a little at a time products. We offer anything from furniture to electronics. You can pay a little each week for something you want or need now rather than having to wait. We offer flexible repayment terms and great interest rates on all of our products. What's more you can get any of these products without any impact to your credit report. We consider all customers, even if you have a bad credit file, all we ask is that you pay a deposit for the product and be able to afford to pay it back. What's more - there are no credit checks!

How to use PWS

Simply sign up for an account with us. If your account is approved you will be able to choose your product and checkout. We review each account and approve customers who meet our requirements. We will ask for ID documents, proof of income and your last 2 months bank statements to help us determine if you can afford the weekly payments and to prove your identity. These documents are stored on an encrypted system that is secure and your information is never shared with any 3rd party. If approved, you will have a credit limit and you will be able to order any item/s you wish. We take a deposit from your credit/debit card and ask for bank details to set up a direct debit from your account. Once everything is completed your product/s is delivered to your address. You then pay the balance in affordable weekly payments. It’s as simple as that.

Interest and Payment Terms

Here at Pay Weekly Store we give you the option of how much interest you pay, you will pay less interest the quicker you pay for the product. Our interest starts at 49.9% Representative APR for 52 weeks. If you choose to pay for the product over a longer period of time then the interest will be more. You can view the interest rates by clicking on the payment terms on the left hand side of each product 26 weeks, 52 weeks, 78 weeks or 104 weeks. We give our customers a choice in how long you actually want to pay for the product over rather than forcing you to pay for your product over 156 weeks, which is very different to other pay weekly stores.

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