How it Works

Applying for a credit account:

1. Sign up for an account by clicking apply now.

2. Wait for a decision on your account application within 5 working days. Please see FAQ in the meantime if you have any questions.

3 If your account is approved, you can place your item/s in your shopping basket and checkout. You can see your credit limit in the my account section.

4. You need a bank account and credit or debit card to complete the checkout. We take a deposit before the product is sent and your direct debit is set up during the checkout process. If you have chosen to pay monthly or you wish to have your payment taken on a different day to Friday each week, we will set up a recurring debit card payment method.

5. We send your items.

6. Payments are taken every week/month directly from your bank account/debit card until the product is paid for. This will usually be a Friday on a direct debit and can be any day of the week/date of the month by debit/credit card payments.